Who is snoring the most dangerous for?

If you are a parent with young kids you more than likely searched online, can a child die from sleep apnea one night when you heard your child snore.

The fact of the matter is, any sort of obstructive disorder can be fatal to anyone in any age group. We have seen headlines about many celebrities and normal people dying because they did not use their prescribed devices while they slept.

In our culture we don’t see snoring as a very important medical issue. When we hear someone snoring, we don’t think much of it. We should however be urging people get checked out and make sure its not something serious.

People who might be more at risk include people who are overweight and people who have throat deformities.

Your family doctor should be able to help you determine if you are under any danger pretty easily by examining your throat. In some cases even x-rays and ct scans of the throat can be used to inspect your airway.

There are different ways to treat different types of sleep apnea. Sometimes something as simple as changing your pillow can be the solution.

Other times things like surgeries are whats needed in order to remove excess skin. This allows more air through the airway.

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